Outdoor education is unpredictable. The Springfield W.O.L.F. school (Wonders of the Outdoors LearningFacility) recently visited the Watershed Center on a field trip. In between lessons about forests and watersheds, we saw a murder.  A murder (or flock) of crows that is. The flock was raucous, and we crept closer to investigate. Suddenly, a great horned owl appeared and flew right past us, with the angry crows divebombing it all the way. As if that wasn’t enough, seconds later a coyote appeared and ran right past us, only yards away!

I am thankful that Springfield students have a chance to participate in the W.O.L.F. school. I am also thankful that the Watershed Center can provide a variety of meaningful experiences for any group, students included. The predictable part of outdoor education is this: as students’ sharpen academic skills, they also have a chance to experience the magic and wonder of nature.