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Fellows Lake FAQ’s

Fellows Lake FAQ's

Alcoholic Beverages: Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in Fellows Lake and Park are absolutely prohibited.

Amphibious Vehicles are prohibited. The primary purpose of this reservoir is to impound water to supply Springfield with drinking water. The recreational activities therefore must be limited to maintain the integrity of this water supply.

Baptisms are prohibited. Baptisms have been allowed in the past; however, the frequency and size of the events were to the point of causing water quality concerns so a decision has been made to no longer allow baptisms in Fellows Lake.

Boat HP: The rules specifically state- “The horsepower (hp) on the boat shall not exceed 40 hp manufacturers’ rating on the motor head as shown on the ID plate, or the hp established by the Outboard Boating Club of America (OBC) horsepower capacity curve for the size of the boat to which said motor is attached.” This does not allow for boats with the motor/drive system elevated out of the water or removed impellors. Any boat not meeting the above requirements will need expressed consent, which is very rare, from City Utilities.

Camping: No overnight camping is allowed.

Collecting: Do you allow surface collection of legal natural items, such as leaves, shells, small rocks, and small invertebrate fossils, for personal collection on your public property, such as Fellows Lake? No. nothing can be removed from the property at Fellows Lake.

Community Service: Community Service requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis with legal. Due to liability issues City Utilities will not consider anyone under 18 for this request. Dogs, Cats and other animals: No unleashed dog, cat or other domesticated animal shall be permitted in the park. Dogs, cats or other domesticated animals are not allowed in the water.
Guiding: City Utilities currently has no regulations that prevent an individual from providing guide services on Fellows Lake. MDC prohibits guiding on property that they own; Fellows does not fall into this category. Fellows Lake is in part managed by the MDC and they advise that no transactions should occur at access points to the lake (i.e. no setup at the boat ramp for paying customers). City Utilities agrees with that restriction, these types of activities are expressly prohibited.

Hunting: Managed by Missouri Dept of Conservation 417-895-6880 Archery deer, youth turkey, and waterfowl hunting on CU’s Fellows Lake property is managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Areas in which hunting is allowed and the duration of the seasons is agreed upon annually by CU and the MDC. CU has agreed to allow archery hunting in areas where the Dirt 66 trails are or will be constructed and in use. CU will not allow trails to be open in areas and times where firearm hunting (youth turkey or waterfowl) is permitted.

Lanterns: While lanterns are not specifically covered under the guidelines open fires are strictly prohibited with the exceptions of grills provided by City Utilities and must by extinguished before leaving the area. Waters and adjacent areas shall not be polluted by the discharge of oil or other polluting liquids or solids tending to make the water and adjacent areas unwholesome, or unfit for utility purposes or designated recreational purposes or injurious to the aquatic life thereof or to make more difficult the improvement or convenient maintenance thereof. All such polluting liquids or solids together with other debris shall be deposited in a sanitary manner in the receptacles made available therefor. Under these regulations’ lanterns would not be allowed at Fellows Lake.
Metal Detecting & Magnetic Fishing: The decision was made not to allow metal detecting, geocaching, caving, and some other activities on our properties. We recognize there are many activities certain groups or individuals would like permitted, but some of them present certain risks and control issues that do not allow them to be within our recreational program goals. Our focus is to provide recreational opportunities that can be effectively managed and will not have the potential to adversely impact the Utility operations or the public utilizing these great resources. As a public utility, we must balance recreational activities with our operational and regulatory requirements.
Night Fishing: East end, bank only

Paddle boarding is allowed at Fellows Lake. Paddle boards will need a yearly permit. 

Photoshoots: Must contact City Utilities for permission.

Special Events: Requires a license agreement with CU. Request a special event here: Lakes – Special Events | City Utilities of Springfield MO

Cox Hospital conducts an annual Employee Appreciation Day for their Life flight crews and they bring a helicopter to the lake as part of their events.

Triathlons will be considered on a per request basis and the frequency may be limited at CU’s discretion.

Strafford High School conducts 1 or 2 cross country events each year near the West pavilion. Local biking club, Terra Green, conducts a weekly racing series during the summer based at Fellows and utilizes the surrounding Farm Roads for their course.

Bird counting by the local Audubon Society usually during the Christmas season.

The Springfield Fire Department conducts occasional water rescue and boat handling training, CU does not require the SFD to obtain a license agreement.

Swimming: The lake’s primary purpose is to be a source of drinking water, swimming is prohibited to preserve the lake’s water quality. Water resource authorities agree that recreational swimming is a source of pollution that increases the risk of introducing pathogens into the water supply which could negatively impact water quality. Additionally, Missouri’s Dept. of Natural Resources regulates activities that are permitted on lakes, including Fellows, that are designated as a source of drinking water. Since its construction in the 1950’s swimming has not been allowed but many other recreational opportunities have existing at Fellows Lake and City Utilities is partnering with other community organizations to make more recreational opportunities available.