The Watershed Center

Watershed Center

The Watershed Center is the home base of the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, and the heart of our mission’s educational focus.  The Watershed Center has something to offer for everyone.  The beautiful site, Valley Water Mill Park, is a microcosm of the Ozarks with streams, springs, a lake, caves, sinkholes, and diverse types of habitat.  Visitors have many options.  Many enjoy their favorite outdoor pursuits like fishing or hiking, and reading the interpretive signs located around the site help enrich these experiences. Some participate in more in-depth experiences like volunteering, educational field trips or renting the meeting space.  The dream to create this special place was made possible by Watershed staff members, board members, sponsors, partners, and we are grateful for their support and the support of the community.

Watershed Center Highlights


  • Five Outdoor Classrooms Structures
  • Great Field Trip Site for Schools
  • Hands-On Educational Opportunities


  • LEED Certified, Energy and Water Conserving Building
  • Water Quality Demonstrations Including Pervious Pavement, Vegetated “Green” Roof, Rain Gardens, Wetland Filters
  • Rainwater Harvesting System Conserves Water
  • Energy Conservation with Daylighting, Passive Solar and Geothermal


  • 2.5 Mile Walking/Nature Trail
  • Fishing in 17-Acre Lake
  • Nature and Bird Viewing
  • 100-Acre Historic Site
  • Restrooms are located at the Watershed Center building
  • Valley Water Mill Park is open sunrise to sunset daily
  • No swimming or boating allowed

Trail Rules

The trails at the Watershed Center span a variety of Ozark habitats and are a pleasure to hike.  It has taken many hours of hard work by dedicated volunteers and staff to build these trails for everyone to use. Please help us to keep them safe and clean:

  • Leave no trace: take all your trash out with you
  • Hiking only–No bikes, horses or motorized vehicles
  • Dogs are welcome, but keep them on a leash and pick up pet waste and dispose in trash cans

When you properly dispose of dog waste, you keep the harmful bacteria and nutrients from the waste out of our clean water. This helps maintain our excellent wildlife populations as well. It may just be one mess, but we see a lot of visitors and a lot of dogs, and those messes add up quick, so do your part and clean up after your dog!