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Corps Partners

Watershed Conservation Corps: Partners

WCC works with local landowners, businesses, government agencies, and municipalities to implement conservation practices.

National Park Service (NPS)

The WCC works with the National Parks Service to preserve historic sites within the Heartland District. Preservation occurs through management of invasive/exotic plant species and conducting habitat management tools such as prescribed fire and herbicide application.

United States Forest Service (USFS)

WCC works with the U.S. Forest Service to maintain, repair, and build sustainable trails within the Mark Twain District of the National Forest Service. Our crews have worked within the Eleven-point, Willow Springs/Ava, and Poplar Bluff ranger districts. We have maintained trails with various wilderness areas such as Hercules, Irish Paddy Creek, Piney Creek, and Devils Backbone.

Local Businesses

We have collaborated with local businesses to restore native ecosystems, remove invasive species, and plant precious species. 


  • JD Slaughter
  • Dr. Bob Elsworth

Cost-share and Easements

We have worked to implement conservation practices in conjunction with easements and cost-share programs. This familiarity means we can help you through the process! Call us for more details.

How to Hire Us

To hire the WCC or discuss a potential project, Contact Us or email [email protected]