Fellows Lake Staff

Matt Taylor, Fellows Lake Operations Manager

Matt was born and raised in Springfield, MO, from an early age was fascinated with nature and the Ozarks amazing waterways. His parents encouraged his interest in the outdoors and took him to Fellows Lake from an early age. He learned to sail on Fellows around the age of 12 and has been a water lover since. He studied Mechanical engineering at University of Missouri at Rolla (Missouri S&T). After college he developed a business career in southern Louisiana working in the specialty coating and corrosion industries. He worked with many companies throughout the Gulf Coast region finding environmentally sustainable solutions for corrosion control and coatings. Working with major shipyards, NASA, petrochemical companies such as Dow, BP and the US Navy, always working to reduce furtive emissions and encourage VOC free coating solutions. He never lost his passion for hiking, mountain biking, paddling and sailing and was very active in the gulf with various kayaking and sailing groups. Matt kept a 33’ sailboat in Louisiana and had many wonderful gulf trips and redfish adventures.  He returned to Missouri in 2016 and is enjoying the great outdoor resources available in the Ozarks. Matt is excited to teach others the joys of paddling, pedaling and sailing. 


Vincent Currao, Fellows Lake Assistant Manager

Vince has spent his entire life on the water catching fish from British Columbia to the Florida Keys. A Missouri resident since 1997, Vince has explored much of Southwest Missouri’s wild areas camping, hunting, boating and fishing. Professionally, Vince brings over 20 years of fundraising and not-for-profit management to his new role at Fellows Lake. Previously, he has worked as a carpenter, ski patroller, firefighter and climbing instructor. Vince and his wife Amy live in the Phelps Grove neighborhood of Springfield where they tend to an extensive garden and are raising six chickens and a teenage son.


Fellows Lake Crew Members

Maximo Reyes
Kelce Arrington

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