River Clean Up

River Clean Up

Watershed Committee of the Ozarks is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 whose mission is to sustain and improve the water resources of Springfield and Greene County through education and effective management of the region’s watersheds

Please join The Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, City Utilities of Springfield and the James River Basin Partnership to conduct a cleanup along the James River.

Date: Saturday, May 12
Time: 9am – 12 noon
Place: Southwood Access & Trailhead (5220 S. Southwood Road, Springfield, MO 65804)
Participation: Shoreline and Float
Pre-Registration Required Contact for questions about registration: 417-866-1127

Additional Info: There is a limited number of canoes available, and will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Deadline to register is Wednesday, May 9.  

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    ALL PARTICIPANTS READ CAREFULLY AND "DIGITALLY" SIGN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT WAIVER RELEASE LIABILITY (AWRL) FORM - below. I acknowledge that participating in Protect the Source for Drinking Water Week River clean-up and float event, (referred to as the “Event”) involves an above average risk of personal injury to me and my property, and I knowingly and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this CONSENT, WAIVER AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY. In consideration and exchange for being permitted to participate in this event, I agree to the following: I am in good health and have no physical conditions that affect my ability to participate in the Event and have not been advised otherwise by a medical practitioner. I am responsible for all medical expenses that may occur due to the Event. I agree that before I participate in any portion of the Event, I will inspect the related facilities, site, and equipment. I will immediately advise Event personnel of any unsafe condition that I observe. I will refuse to participate in the Event until all unsafe conditions have been remedied. I will abide by any safety guidelines made available to me. I consent to the use and publication of my name and image in all forms of media while participating in the Event. I assume full responsibility for all risks associated with my participation in the Event and the risk of injury or damage caused by the condition of any property, facilities, or equipment used during the Event, which may not be foreseeable by anyone at any time. I hereby release, waive, discharge and agree not to sue the participants in the Event, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, City Utilities of Springfield and/or James River Basin Partnership and other Event sponsors or organizers for any injuries, death, losses, damages, liabilities, or expenses that are caused or alleged to be caused by their negligent acts or omissions, or the condition of the property, facilities or equipment used for the Event. I agree to wear appropriate safety equipment, as may be established by industry or community standards and common safety practices, during the entire Event. In connection with any injury or other medical conditions I may experience during the Event, I authorize medical treatment deemed necessary by medical personnel if I am not able to act on my own behalf. I agree not to sue any applicable medical practitioners who are at the event who may provide medical treatment to me at the event for malpractice. This agreement shall be enforced and construed according to the laws of the state of Missouri.