Volunteer and make a difference!

Citizens need volunteer opportunities to contribute to their communities. Volunteer Service is an important component of growth and a strategy in shaping our communities. The Watershed committee of the Ozarks has many volunteer opportunities with a focus on protecting our water resources. Contact Jeff Birchler, Watershed Center Coordinator, to learn how you can become a volunteer member of the Watershed Committee and help make a difference in our watersheds. 417-866-1127 or jeff@watershedcommittee.org

Adopt-A-Spring Program

As a volunteer in the Adopt-A-Spring Program you will be trained by a member of our professional staff to collect and analyze spring water from various springs located in the greater Springfield area. The Watershed Committee provides all of the supplies and equipment needed for testing. For more information, please contact Mike Kromrey (417) 866-1127

Missouri Stream Team

Missouri has 110,000 miles of streams that provide recreation, water and serenity for ourselves and our children, but they need your help. Missouri Stream Team is a working partnership of citizens who are concerned about Missouri streams.

Become a Missouri Stream Team volunteer and help improve Missouri’s streams. Click HERE for more information

Yard Ethic Program

The Yard Ethic is a call to action for individuals and businesses to care for their yards in a way that supports a healthy community of people. For more information visit yardethic.com

Adopt-A-Stream Program

The Adopt-A-Stream program creates opportunities for volunteer groups to help keep waterways in Springfield clean. Adopt-A-Stream is a program of the City of Springfield. Click HERE for more information.