Volunteer and make a difference!

Citizens need volunteer opportunities to contribute to their communities. Volunteer Service is an important component of growth and a strategy in shaping our communities. The Watershed committee of the Ozarks has many volunteer opportunities with a focus on protecting our water resources. Contact Kelly Owens, Watershed Center Assistant Coordinator, to learn how you can become a volunteer member of the Watershed Committee and help make a difference in our watersheds, 417-838-0262 or kellyowens@watershedcommittee.org

Missouri Stream Team

Missouri has 110,000 miles of streams that provide recreation, water and serenity for ourselves and our children, but they need your help. Missouri Stream Team is a working partnership of citizens who are concerned about Missouri streams.

Become a Missouri Stream Team volunteer and help improve Missouri’s streams. Click HERE for more information

Yard Ethic Program

The Yard Ethic is a call to action for individuals and businesses to care for their yards in a way that supports a healthy community of people. For more information visit yardethic.com

Adopt-A-Stream Program

The Adopt-A-Stream program creates opportunities for volunteer groups to help keep waterways in Springfield clean. Adopt-A-Stream is a program of the City of Springfield. Click HERE for more information.