Springfield’s Drinking Water Supplies

The majority of Springfield’s drinking water comes from surface waters.

Approximately 80 percent of Springfield’s drinking water comes from surface waters (lakes, rivers) and the rest from ground water (wells, spring).  City Utilities’ Fulbright and Blackman Water Treatment Plants use a combination of sources for water treatment, including both surface and ground water.  Fulbright is located on the northern edge of Springfield and is served by Fulbright Spring, the original source for the city, along with a deep well and McDaniel Lake.  The Blackman plant is in the southeastern corner of the city and receives water from Fellows Lake, Stockton Lake and/or the James River.

Fellows Lake

Fellows Lake

Both Fellows and McDaniel Lakes can be supplemented with water from Stockton Lake.  Also, three deep wells are located in the distribution system and are used as additional sources when needed. City Utilities works in conjunction with the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks to preserve and protect our watersheds  (Information obtained from City Utilities Water Quality Report)  Visit City Utilities website for more information https://www.cityutilities.net/customer/water/

City Utilities 2018 Water Quality Report