Project Summary

Late in 2018, the C.W. Titus foundation came through with a grant which should allow the Watershed Center to become net-positive, or to generate more energy than we consume.  The way we hope to get there is two-fold. The grant will allow us to do a major energy efficiency upgrade to the outdoor restrooms attached to the C.W. Titus Education Facility.  The restrooms use a prodigious amount of energy because of the uninsulated structure with electric resistance heating (think giant space heaters in a two story continually vented chimney).  In 2019, in partnership with Springfield Greene County Parks, we will add insulation, lower the ceilings, and add a highly efficient heat source called a mini-split heat pump system.  The area above the new ceilings will also add an attic storage space which will be useful as we grow.  The remainder of $45,000 grant will allow us to add roof-mounted solar panels to the Lakeside Pavilion, which is an excellent location for solar based on the access to direct sun and a separate meter which can be utilized. The generosity of the HDR employees through the HDR foundation, the C.W. Titus Foundation, Sunbelt Environmental, and the Springfield Greene County Park Board have lead to some incredible developments, and we are excited to report on the outcomes in our 2019 annual report.