Watershed Natives has an exciting new development underway!

Our new Southside Watershed Natives facility is located near the City Utilities John Twitty Power Station and the City of Springfield South Yardwaste Recycling Center.

The project has been made possible through a Cooperative Agreement with the Missouri Department of Conservation, and we are leasing the property from the City of Springfield.

In phase one of developing the new space, the Natives team has constructed six 12ft x 36ft gravel beds to provide a home for over 1,000 native trees and shrubs. 

Next Steps

Our next initiative is constructing the first row of water tanks to allow for cultivating native aquatic species. These developments will enable us to produce 1,000 trees/shrubs and 1,000 aquatic plants in our first year at the site!  Some of these species will be available at our plant sales or used in restoration projects, but each year some trees will be held back for multiplication and aging. 

Our team will implement an additional six beds and four tanks over the next couple of years. The proposed site design is below. Stay tuned to see our progress as we bring it to life!