The Watershed Conservation Corps has been hard at work at Hercules Glades Wilderness Areas

About Hercules Glades:

The Hercules Glades trail system spans over 32 miles near Forsyth, Missouri, and offers a beautiful landscape with multiple hiking routes. Its name comes from the limestone glades throughout the Wilderness and the nearby town of Hercules. The wilderness is the oldest in Missouri and was designated in 1976 with open grassland, forested knobs, steep rocky hillsides, and narrow drainages that create ample opportunities for hiking, trail riding, camping, and more. 

Our Work:

Watershed Conservation Corps crews have been working at the Hercules Glades Wilderness Area to restore and rebuild its terrain. This has included about 11 miles of corridor clearing and about 1 mile worth of water features. Strategic trail features can help minimize damage:

  • Water bars
  • Check Steps

These methods use readily available natural resources to prevent over-sedimentation in Long Creek and help retain the integrity of trail terrain for safe recreational use. Using these features helps solidify the longevity of the site, enabling easier maintenance to sustain the landscape moving forward. 

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