Fellows Lake hosted the final Moonlight Paddle of this season on October 8th, 2022, underneath the Hunter’s moon. 

Fellows Lake remained open and staffed until midnight, and attendees could rent boats for a flat rate of twenty dollars or bring their own permitted boat for free.

Folks came and went throughout the evening, launching on canoes, kayaks, and even the latest craft to hit the water at fellows: paddle boards! Most boats were equipped with lighting to increase visibility and add a touch of decoration (Decorated boats pictured to the left).

It was a beautiful and quite special evening! We thank you for coming out to the Lake, and if you couldn’t join this time, we encourage you to stay tuned and participate in our future moonlight paddles in the upcoming season!

Thanks to the Fellows Lake staff and the community for supporting these efforts. We sure do love #fellowslakelife!

Questions about Fellows Lake? Contact: 417-840-2965 or find their page above.