Our Soil Health workshop took place on September 12, 2022, in Stockton, MO, at the Zumwalt Expo Center. Forty-six participants learned about promising solutions to help restore soil health while increasing farm profits and supporting biodiversity.

The workshop began with a rainfall simulator demonstration by Drexel Atkisson, where participants saw the impact of soil management on water runoff and infiltration firsthand.

Next, Doug Peterson with Soil Health Academy (pictured to the right) discussed core principles and practices that improve soil health, farm operations, and profits. Tactics he emphasized include zero-tillage, crop diversity, rotational grazing, and wildlife mitigation. 

Eric Fuchs with Understanding Ag gave a water quality and nutrients presentation, discussing the importance of microorganisms and adequate aggregation in soil.

Next, the producer panel featured a Q&A with experts who have utilized best practices for soil health in the long term. Steve Freeman Grazer Producer; David Haubein, Grazer, and Crop Producer; and speakers Eric Fuchs, Doug Peterson, and Drexel Atkisson provided meaningful insight into the world of soil in agriculture by sharing firsthand experiences of what has worked best on their properties.

To conclude, Drexel Atkisson with USDA-NRCS shared information on the available cost-share programs in the area that incentivize soil-health considerations in Agricultural practices so that attendees could recognize and use the resources available to them.

A local producer who attended the workshop shared their perspective, saying, “the information provided at the September 12 meeting was fantastic, with very good presentations and interesting information. It’s very nice to listen to speakers that know their topics. I was excited to see a wide range of participants, agencies, farmers, and students.” 

Our USDA Conservation Technical Assistance grant funded this workshop, and the lunch was made possible by a Missouri Forage and Grassland Council sponsorship. We appreciate everyone that helped make this productive event possible!

Thank you to those who could join us for a productive day of learning and connecting.