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Dear Friends,
One of the fascinating aspects of the Covid Crisis is seeing people flock to the outdoors seeking mental and physical health. Every trail, park, sidewalk, and lake access I’ve seen has been bustling with people enjoying the benefits of the outdoors (in a well-spaced manner, of course). It is a good reminder that the health of nature, our bodies, and our minds are interrelated. Sometimes hitting the pause button on our busy day to day lives can help us refocus on that, and other very important but sometimes neglected relationships, like friends and family.

Plus, the spring is BEAUTIFUL out here. Here is some nature news:
– New bird songs are coming from the trees…migrating warblers and other species are returning
– The wildflowers are popping like crazy
– The spring peepers and leopard frogs are wrapping up their chorus…next the toads will form their choir
– We have some very busy beavers…will there be a new family this spring?
– The serviceberry trees at the entrance of the Watershed Center are like white popcorn, the beautiful precursor to delicious berries
As a reminder, the Watershed Committee is following the procedures listed below through April 24th:
The Watershed Committee office is closed to all visitors and staff are encouraged to work from home as much as possible.
Staff will be checking emails regularly.
The April 3, 2020 Monthly Meeting is cancelled.
All organized volunteer activities are suspended.
All field trips are cancelled.
The Earth Day Festival is rescheduled for October 10.
We’re still here working to sustain and improve local water supplies and we will be available for email and phone communication.
Mike Kromrey, Executive Director