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How does snow serve our Watersheds?

Everything in nature serves a purpose, so
what is the purpose of snow? How does it help our
native plants? 🌨 🌱
Snow helps regulate the temperature of the Earth’s
surface. As it melts, it plays a significant role in our
water system by filling rivers and reservoirs in many
regions. Its high reflectivity helps Earth by reflecting
solar energy into space, which helps cool the planet. 🌎
Winter is a huge component in our native plants and
how they grow. Many native plants need cool
temperatures to break dormancy in their seeds.
Thawing and freezing snow softens the seed coat
allowing the seed to break through when the right
conditions are met. This dormancy is an adaptation
that protects the seed from germinating too early on a
warm day in the middle of winter. Snow on the
landscape also provides insulation to low-growing
plants from harsh winter conditions and protects
plants from drying out in the cold, dry air. ❄️ 🌬

Watershed Natives is supported by the Missouri
Department of Conservation.
(Species in the Second photo: Iron Weed)