Project Summary

The Watershed Committee of the Ozarks would like to acknowledge The Ozark Society Foundation for awarding the Watershed Natives program a grant of $2,000. The Watershed Natives program was established to meet the growing demand for native plants both residential and restoration efforts. Native plants are integral to soil health, pollinator and wildlife habitat, erosion prevention, biodiversity, and reduction of nutrient runoff.

After a successful inaugural year, the Watershed Native program is expanding by collaborating with Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Springfield Public Schools to establish a nursery to produce native plants. A key element in the long-term success of this program is the integration of high school students in nursery operations and restoration planning.

The generosity of The Ozark Society Foundation will ensure a successful collaboration with area educational institutions and the community. The funds will provide equipment and materials needed by Hillcrest High School students growing native plants through the program. The Watershed Native program and its collaboration with area schools could not be possible without the support of community partners like The Ozark Society Foundation.