The American Water Works Association Spotlights Watershed's Source Water Protection Plan

The American Water Works Association called the plan a “Collaborative Success Story” in their recent article.

They explain the partnership of Watershed and City Utilities, saying, “It provides maximum return on each stakeholder’s dollar and mutual community benefit for over 40 years.” 

Since its creation, the Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) has been used as a tool for educating the public about the water supply in their community.

The water we all use to live, work, and play. The term “source water protection” means to protect, preserve, and, in some cases, enhance the quality of these resources we use every day. To read the full plan, click here or visit our Publications Page.

New Tool: Case Study Map

Our Little Sac Case Study was featured on the American Water Works Association Water Map during the 2023 Source Water Protection Week!