Project Summary

In April of 2018 we were awarded a  $21,156.00 grant through the Ozarks Headwaters Recycling and Materials Management District. The grant funds are designed to reduce the amount of solid waste generated and sent to the landfill. Through this grant we were able to install recycling bins throughout the park and purchase a utility vehicle and trailer for maintaining the bins.

We also created an educational program focusing on the connection between solid waste disposal and water quality. A key component of this program is to work with school groups visiting the park to educate both students and parents about reducing solid waste. Students eating lunch at the Watershed Center participate in a Litter Less Lunch activity where students sort their lunch waste into recyclable, compostable, and disposable streams. Not only does this activity reduce the steam of waste generated by the students, it also provides a hands-on experience on the importance of producing less waste.  We hope that our Litter Less Lunch message spreads to both the parents and schools and they find ways to reduce the impact of school lunches on waste streams flowing to landfills.