Watershed Natives hosted the third annual Partner’s Day on December 6th at the Watershed Natives nursery located within the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. 

At this event, partners who have been instrumental in sustaining the Watershed Natives Environmental and Natural Resources Academy program with Springfield Public Schools got their hands dirty to help students as they prepare seeds for the Springfield-Greene County Library.

Through the Heirloom Seed Library, community members are encouraged to “check out” seeds, plant them, enjoy the harvest, then save the seeds and return them to the seed library to share with others.

Hillcrest High School Juniors in the Watershed Science classes are helping make this program possible as they learn how to cultivate plants from germination to harvest. 

Students had stratified various native species and vegetable seeds, bringing them for use on Partner’s day. Partners in attendance assisted as students prepared soil, planted seeds, covered/stored containers, and recorded scientific data.

Representatives from the Missouri Department of Conservation, Springfield-Greene County Library, and Springfield Public Schools were able to join in on the fun and witness the impact their efforts have made possible.