Valley Water Mill Neighbors Work Together to Transform Sycamore Tree into Seating at the Watershed Center

Valley Water Mill Park is home to many mature trees, including a beautiful large Sycamore that was adorned by many over the years, which fell in 2023.

Logs of Love

The down Sycamore lived on the “lawn” of the Watershed Center for many months, and we noticed people naturally gravitated towards it. Kids would perch on the logs to eat their sack lunches during field trips, and folks often took photos atop them honoring special events such as graduation or engagements. 

Collaborative Preservation

Just up Valley Water Mill Road, our neighbor OP Hardwoods has a sawmill. As we thought about ways to preserve the beloved Sycamore logs, an opportunity for collaboration arose. OP Hardwoods warmly welcomed the idea and collected the logs for milling soon after.

Sycamore Seating

Soon, the amphitheater-style seating will adorn the “lawn” outside of the Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park. We are so grateful for our Valley Water Mill community and their dedication to making this vision a reality.