Spring rain events can impact local streams and cause flooding. We are fortunate there is a variety of resources that provide information on flow data and flooding of our local streams. The USGS provides current and historical streamflow data. Daily streamflow conditions for streams in Missouri can be found here: https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/rt

South Dry Sac River, May 1, 2019

At the Watershed Center there is a USGS stream gauge on the South Dry Sac River. This gauge has 19 years of recorded data. The continuous data collected at these gauges is crucial to provide consistent scientific data to understand and manage changes in the watershed.
The data collected from these gauges is also valuable to meteorologists at the National Weather Service who issue current flood warnings, watches and advisories which can be found on the their website here: https://www.weather.gov/sgf/ .We appreciate these entities that collect and analyze this valuable stream data for our community.
Stacey Armstrong Smith, Projects Manager